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Laurie Sorensen

Inergetix CoRe Practitioner


~~~May Introductory Special~~~

All Sessions are HALF OFF!


Full 1.5 hour CoRe analysis and balance                $150

*Report of results

*Informed remedy in glass dropper

*Rife sound frequencies

*Organ balancing

*Instant and 24 hour remote communication for a week


30min Single Resonant Group analysis                     $50

*Your choice of resonance groups:


*Report of results

*Informed remedy in glass dropper

*Instant and 24 hour remote communication for a week


Package: 3 full 1.5 hour CoRe analysis

and balances                                                            $300

To encourage consistency for healing, set 2 weeks apart.



Remote sessions available. Just ask!




In gratitude, I offer in exchange for your kind referrals, a 30min Single analysis!

Happy to meet with you when you are ready!

As a child, I truly believed I could change the world. My father was an environmental protection specialist and allowed me to roam all of the mountains, all day, with no supervision. I was never afraid and so in love. I found my fullest expression through nature with devotion. A "chip off the Ol' Block", I've had my fun with a little monkeywrenching, too!  My experiences in nature, seen and unseen, became a passion for seeking answers. I turned over every stone to find the truth. 


This path in Energetic, Light, Prayer, Remote Healing and other related modalities led me to Informational Healing and the Inergetix CoRe program. This is an advanced computer based device that combines analysis and balancing on both the Informational and Energetic levels.  It is the most advanced Bioresonance system on the market today, developed by Dr. Kiran Schmidt.  


The body has the potential to heal itself, but at times, it is reacting to the wrong frequencies. The Inergetix CoRe  detects the human bio-field on the PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL levels for these frequencies, then re-sets it with a series of informational correction, similar to de-bugging a computer program. It is very useful in discovery with children and animals, as it can be difficult for them to identify and articulate their symptomology. The analysis can be short and focused on a specific issue or in full to discover the deeper issue underlying a chronic one. 


The list of resonant groups to look into are here: An analysis of your symptom or condition can confirm suspected health and life problems to bring out more information that was not known before. The Inergetix CoRe is invaluable in these times of confusion. Most questions asked are related to Relationships, Emotions, Healing Modalities, Supplements, Physiology and Acupuncture. The results are very accurate, and the remedies provide what your body is asking for! 


I believe when we collectively embody the Truth, Goodness and Beauty within, our world will reflect that change. I am committed to my role in bringing you back to balance to stay strong and move forward in that vision!

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