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Fitness Classes
$7 drop in or 5 for $25 punch card
Level I "Breath Of Life"
Tuesdays and Thursday 5:30pm
Tuesday 10:00am

One hour - $55
One 1/2 hour - $65
Hot stone - $75
Salt glow - $75
Mud massage - $85

Raindrop 1 hour - $65
W/massage 1 1/2 hour - $85

Aromatherapy steam treatment 25 minutes - $20

Ear candling - $30

MMT - $35

HMT Consult- $50

Meditation 9 weeks - $90

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Angela Englehardt, RMT started her journey in Keenesburg CO on her families farm. She was very active in sports from the age of three all the way into college. Along with learning how to be member of a team and the importance of a strong team she also learned about injuries and how important training and rehab is. She also was diagnosed with several medical conditions starting at the age of 16 and into her early 20's. She was diagnosed with a medical condition called pharmacologic genetic disorder and with this condition she began to research holistic care options. That was the moment her life began to change in a very positive way. She realized how holistic medicine was the answer to many aspects of her life. At this time she was living in Greeley learning where to find the modalities she was needing to incorporate into her life and during this process she realized her mission was to build a center in Greeley where people could go to receive holistic care in one place. She received her massage therapy training almost 7yrs ago and continued her education adding training in Hypnosis, Energy Work and Splankna. In December of 2009 she opened a small office and began adding practitioners and Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts began. September of this year they moved to their new office located in the heart of downtown Greeley and soon after added several more practitioners. Along the way she has many times reflected to the beginning of her journey and is now helping clients, family and friends through injuries and health conditions while building her team. She invites anyone with questions to contact her and meet individually with her to help you find out how holistic care and the amazing team at Ancient Wisdom can help you.

What is Muscle Manipulation Technique?

Muscle Manipulation Technique (MMT) is an advanced massage therapy technique. Massage therapists are trained to evaluate their clients’ posture and identify the muscle movements that are tight or not shortening and lengthening properly. Due to injury or repetitive use muscles can cause a continual effect throughout the body effecting the "muscle train" and/or compensation to other muscle groups. Advanced Nero-muscular techniques are used by massage therapists to release and reset these areas.

To understand MMT you need to understand the Nero-muscular technique that is being used. When a muscle is not lengthening and shortening, holding on the trigger points and moving the extremity resets the muscle memory releasing the muscle and allows full range of motion to the muscle and the joint is able to move properly.

Muscle Manipulation theory releases the muscle that is causing the skeletal system to be compromised and causing the improper posture. When a muscle shortens or lengthens the antagonistic muscle also has to do the opposite. After identifying the muscle that is affected and the corresponding antagonistic muscle the therapist is able to identify the reason why the joint is being compromised. After moving the extremities into the correct postural position the drop board is placed under the identified muscles as a tool to allow movement and then while applying pressure to the affected muscle and/or counter pressure to the antagonistic muscle the board drops and the muscles are released and range of motion is increased. When the range of motion is increased and the muscles can lengthen and shorten fully the joint is also able to move properly and the posture is able to be corrected.


When should I see results? You are able to see results after your first visit.

How often do I need a session? Just like any modality it depends on what is causing the issue. If the issue is due to injury and your muscles cooperate we can retrain them to original muscle memory within 3-4 sessions. If the issue is due to tension from stress or repetitive use the sessions may be more frequent and long term.

Does this replace my Chiropractor visit? No, if your issue is due to an alignment problem you will need to continue with chiropractic care. This technique is not intended to adjust the bone, it is intended to release the muscles and allow full range of motion which allows proper movement of the joints. If the joint is out of alignment you will still need a chiropractic adjustment.

What areas does this treat? Anywhere you have muscles…head to toe!

How long are the sessions and how much does it cost? Most sessions are 20-30 minutes. $35 per session (discounts available with massage).

Angela Englehardt, LMT

What is Holistic Mental Health Technique?

Holistic Approach to Mental Health
A Holistic Mental Health Technique (HMT) can stop unhealthy behaviors and address past trauma? I have learned several different techniques and found that combining them can be very effective.

Life Coaching
By identifying each person’s goals and designing an individual plan with my client. This allows me to measure their progress and hold them accountable.

The Subconscious as the "Key".
When life is out of balance, due to stress and traumatic events of the past, getting to know you on a subconscious level is possibly the key. The "key" to unlocking the Body-Spirit-Soul- Mind Connection (BSSMC) that can manifest itself in disease and illness is a part of every ones spiritual journey. Therefore using guided meditation and hypnosis as tools allows you to have a more complete understanding and awareness.

About Energy Psychology
In addition to traditional forms of talk therapy or as your main treatment, HMT has been effective in releasing and healing emotional traumas. Using proven traditional therapeutic techniques such as Reiki, Healing Touch and Chakra Balancing and incorporating these techniques into a specific protocol offers a holistic approach to emotional healing.

Holistic Mental Health Technique
HMT provides a straightforward treatment procedure for alleviating a wide range of psychological and physical symptoms. Identifying trauma with muscle testing and kinesiology HMT releases traumatic events by supporting and rebuilding your psychological and spiritual being thus affecting your physical body. It addresses symptoms comprehensively, attending to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the issue, liberating you to become a healthy, happy, peaceful person.

Theory and Philosophy.
My personal theory and philosophy: I am not affiliated with any organized religion. My beliefs and faith are my own and true to my heart and god. This theory will work with or without any religious belief and can be adapted to your beliefs; that your strength comes from. I use HMT as a tool to help my clients reach a deeper understanding of their BSSMC to address behaviors. The level of understanding comes from the Subconscious Mind and Energy Psychology the acceptance comes from HMT allowing pure and true healing to happen. As you can see these tools together can be an amazing combination.

Body- Spirit – Soul - Mind – Connection (BSSMC) If the Body is the lamp (Physical Being) and the Spirit is the light (Energy) the Soul is the light bulb (True Self) then the Mind is the ballast (Subconscious)

Angela Englehardt, LMT