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Mediumship Services

You connect thru me with your Divine Guides and or loved ones in spirit. (I cannot control who comes to communicate.)
30 minutes $30
60 minutes $50
90 minutes $75

Spiritual Mentorship:
Your own Divine Guides give you custom guidance and direction for emotional, spiritual or physical healing and or to develop your own intuitive gifts and abilities. I offer a free consultation to consider how many sessions your team thinks it will take to meet your goals and will offer you a custom package and price based on spiritís input.

Quantum Polarity Energy Work:
For People and Animals
30 minutes $35
60 minutes $60

Frequency Facilitation:
For important or difficult business meetings, court dates during stressful family discussions or interventions.
30 minutes $35
60 minutes $60

Home Business and Land Energy Work:
60 minutes $70
Additional $30 per 30 minutes after 1st hour
(Sessions vary in length depending on the size of property)
Additional charge for fuel and time incurred to travel will vary according to distance For quote please call or text me at 325-245-7130

All sessions can be done remotely for people and animals through I do prefer a phone connection while conducting the sessions so we may interact directly.

Property Energy Work is more effective in person although I can work remotely as well.


Originally from Jefferson City MO Betty Clark moved to Texas at the age of 14 but most recently she is from San Angelo TX where she was a Holistic Hair Artist, Massage Therapist and Spiritual Medium. Betty moved to Evans CO in August of 2014 to be near and enjoy her family.
Betty has been empathic since childhood, picking up other peopleís emotions and would just "know things" and not know how she did.
Several years ago and shortly after meeting and beginning to work with her Spiritual Mentor, Medium, Artist and Author Ruth Evelyn, various Divine Beings such as Saint Malachi and Arch Angels Metatron and Michael began communicating with Betty thru automatic writing. Within one month she was "hearing" their words and "feeling" thier energies and "seeing" images of them and their messages.
She continued to spend countless hours developing these skills and gifts that Spirit had assured her are the birthright of most spiritually oriented Human Beings.
Betty had a very active childhood, a love of gymnastics, singing, dance, and exercise and a desire to learn and share health and fitness information with her friends and clients.
Just over five years ago as she was practicing therapeutic massage and was a Wellness Coach for a leading Nutrition Company, Arch Angel Raphael began teaching her and working thru her to bring Quantum Polarity Energy Work onto the planet. This work is for the environment, people and animals.
The modality utilizes Sacred Geometry by placing the practitioners arm hands and body in specific configurations to conduct Divine energetic frequencies for emotional and physical Healing.
Over a year ago Sound Therapy expressed thru toning was incorporated as is beneficial for the individual.
Thru following the guidance of the Angels and her mentor, many emotional and physical issues were healed, lower energies, blocks and wounds were forgiven and cleared thru simple but profoundly powerful processes. So thru experiencing this Divine Alchemy, love and transformation in her own life Betty knew she had found her own purpose, to help others heal emotionally and ascend vibrationally into higher states of beingness, health and happiness and To help others develop their own intuitive abilities.
Betty has co-authored channeled articles published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence under the name Elishianne Clark in 2011 and 2012. She also attended the Unity Church of Christianity in San Angelo TX fpr many years and was a Prayer Chaplin for her congregation there for 3 years before leaving to move to Co.
Betty was an active member of the Divine Oneness Blessing Community in her area offering this Divine Transmission of energy to community members twice a month as a ministry there for five years before moving.

Are sessions where your Divine Spirit team listens and speaks through Betty to answer questions about your life, purpose, career, wellbeing, relationships and/or whatever you would like to discuss. These teams usually consist of your angels , Archangels and/or entities that have become enlightened masters while they were human. This "Support Staff" is always with or aware of you and has been appointed to you by God and/or your own Soul to assist and guide you while you are human on the physical plane.

Spiritual Mentorship,
Your own Divine Guides give you custom guidance and direction for emotional, spiritual or physical healing or to develop your own spiritual gifts and abilities. I offer a free consultation to consider how many sessions your spiritual team thinks it will take to meet your goals. A custom package and price based on spirits input will provided for you.

Quantum Polarity Energy Work,
This modality treats the Aura and its relationship to the physical and light body layers of an individual. Often when there is emotional and physical trauma such as divorce, death, survival issues or physical trauma and pain the Aura can rip, tear or become shredded, dented or caved in. I have treated people whose auras have collapsed down around their shoulders due to migraines or other chronic stresses. I have also "Seen" and "Repaired" auras that were dimpled and constricted, much smaller than what is optimal for proper functioning.
This modality transmutes the harsh energies of pain, trauma, and misery and when these energies are cleared out of the persons fields the aura then is fluffed back out with whatever energies are in that persons highest good. Quantum Polarity Treatment increases vitality and proper flow and communication between the personís energy fields and physical body encouraging homeostasis and Emotional Balance.

Frequency Facilitation,
This clears the air and environment during important or difficult business meetings, court dates or family discussions and interventions. Specific Angels come through the facilitator and cart away energies such as resentment, angst, misunderstanding and confusion thereby increasing clarity, trust and cooperation fostering positive outcomes.

Home, Business and Land Energy Work,
This clears out lower or harsh energies, residual energies from traumas through the alchemy of transmutation. This type of energy work does not nearly "Release" energy. It actually changes the frequencies to higher frequencies that are more in alignment with your energy fields and wellbeing and your growth as a conscious person. Your land is cleansed and infused with supportive energies assisting the planet and clearing imprints left in the earth and nature by war, massacres, executions and human and personal tragedies. These can be cleared fostering clarity, clam and cooperation to a previously chaotic, muddled or depressed atmosphere.