815 9th Street
Greeley Colorado 80631




Spiritual Medium, Cosmetology

As a spiritual medium I offer the following services: Spiritual Mentorship -- with your own Divine Guides and Teachers, for emotional/spiritual healing and or for the psychic development of your own intuitive gifts. I offer a free consult to determine how many sessions and what the price will be based on your goals and spirits input.

Wellness consultations -- with Archangel Raphael who gives custom suggestions for your health and wellbeing.
15 minutes - $20.00
30 minutes-$30.00
60 minutes-$50.00

Readings -- with your Divine Guides or loved ones on the other side. (I can not control who shows up to communicate with you.)
15 minutes - $20.00
30 minutes-$30.00
60 minutes-$50.00

Quantum Polarity energy work with Archangel Raphael,
15 minutes - $20.00
30 minutes-$35.00
45 minutes- $50.00

Animal communication sessions,
At the Center or remotely,
30 minutes-$25.00,
60 minutes-$50.00

I travel to you -- add $10-$15 for time and fuel.

In The Works...Facelift Massage--Brow and lip waxing. More info and when I start offering this coming soon.


Betty Clark came to Greeley from San Angelo TX. in August of 2014 to be near her brother, niece and nephew. Betty is also enjoying the beauty of Colorado and the kindness of those she has met so far. Betty has been empathic since childhood. Often feeling other peoples emotions and the energy of her environment. This attunement was often confusing and sometimes scary as a child dealing with moody adults and often she would just "know things"and not know why she did. Several years ago shortly after meeting the woman who was to become her spiritual mentor, medium, artist and writer, Ruth Evelyn, various Divine beings including St Malachi and Jeshua began communicating with her thru automatic writing. Within a month she was "hearing" their voices and feeling their energy. Since that time Betty has spent countless hours developing this gift that spirit has assured her is the birthright of every human being. Committing to her Path and following their guidance several emotional and physical issues were healed, lower energies and wounds were forgiven/transmuted thru simple but profoundly powerful processes shared with her by her mentor and her guides. thru experiencing this Divine Alchemy and transformation she knew she had found her purpose, to help others ascend vibrationally into higher states of beingness, health and happiness. Some of this information was shared thru articles submitted to and published by the Sedona Journal 0f Emergence under the name of Elishianne Clark in 2011 and 2012. During this time Betty also partook of the phenomenal gift of The Divine Oneness Blessing. This Blessing is a transfer of Holy Energy transmitted from God thru the hands of facilitators who have gone thru specific protocols for healing/transmuting lower energies and initiation processes involving forgiveness work and prayerful meditation sessions. The Blessing Givers hands are placed gently on the head of the recipient and the energy is sent into them with the intent for their highest good or healing. This Blessing originated in India with intent for it to spread around the world enlightening those whom it touched in order to see us safely thru the potential for a worldwide calamity and extinction which was indeed averted due to the rise in consciousness on the planet . The Oneness Blessing is not affiliated with any sect, religion or denomination though it did begin at a Christian school for young people in India. Betty has been a Facilitator for the Blessing these last five years. Betty has always been an active person with a zeal for learning about and implementing and sharing health and fitness information and so is honered to work as a conduit for Archangel Raphael's Quantum Polarity energy work. This energies help relieve pain and inflammation, mend tears or imbalances in your Aura due to injury, stress or jet lag and promote healing and healthy equilibrium between mind body and spirit. In conjunction to her work as a medium Betty has also been communicating with animals this last three years, helping their humans better understand them and their behaviors. Betty also enjoys working as a Tech at the healing center helping people utilize and benefit from The Infraslim pain management and slimming treatments as well as Ionic Foot Cleanses and the hydro massage table along with the Chi and Quantum pulse (Vibe) machines.