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First Individual Session 20 Minutes

Individual Session 30 Minutes

Couple's Session 45 Minutes

Psychic Group Sessions 60 Minutes


Vonna Floreth is a Spiritual Practitioner who teaches and spiritually counsels individuals, couples and groups. Spiritual counsel services focusing within Celestial Realm or Heaven-sent energies.Vonna gifts and talents are balanced along with her client’s energies, light, spirit and soul presence that could appear as any moment. Gifts and talents that are connected through her Metaphysical abilities. She includes referencing through years of experiences, continual and formal Metaphysical training, provided from her progression towards obtaining her Doctrine of Divinity. The choices we make within our life-style and activities influence our spiritual balance. Spiritual connections and abilities that are important for effectively keeping in touch with balancing receptiveness of the soul. Psychic that complements the physical world.

Spiritual Counsel
Direct spiritual communication with souls of others. Direct spiritual conversation connects directly with souls of others who may be past, present or possibly could be futuristic in nature.

Intuition Skills
Metaphysically able to receive messages and other things with psychic abilities. Senses from a distance that could pertain to unique circumstances.

Psychometric SkillsWithin the physical world, living energies come into contact with many objects that surround their everyday living. Life energy that is absorbed into the object through energy from being touched.

Remote Viewing
Allow perceiving and viewing details separated by time, distance or physical barrier. No human sender or transmitter passing information and or images.

Dependent upon communication and working together as a team during the sessions. Psychic abilities to travel spiritually.