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Phone: 970.324.4200

Vonna Floreth LLC

Spiritual Practitioner & Community Advocate


  • Spiritual Counsel

  • Intuition & Psychometric Skills

  • Remote Viewing

  • Community Advocacy


Advocacy services, fees, and charges vary per client(s) needs and complexity of the advocacy assistance provided. Please contact Vonna directly to discuss your advocacy needs.

Payment Schedule*

Initial Session (60 minutes) - $26

75 Minute Session - $32.50

90 Minute Session - $39

Additional Person (per session) - $7.50

Group Session (per person rate) - $18


*Rates listed are for Cash payment only.

There will be an additional fee for Credit/Debit Processing.


Schedule By Phone

Please call Vonna directly to schedule her spiritual or advocacy works, or to schedule a free consultation. 

About Me

Vonna Floreth is a Spiritual Practitioner who teaches and spiritually counsels individuals, couples and groups. Spiritual counsel services focusing within Celestial Realm or Heaven-sent energies.Vonna gifts and talents are balanced along with her client’s energies, light, spirit and soul presence that could appear as any moment. Gifts and talents that are connected through her Metaphysical abilities. She includes referencing through years of experiences, continual and formal Metaphysical training, provided from her progression towards obtaining her Doctrine of Divinity. The choices we make within our life-style and activities influence our spiritual balance. Spiritual connections and abilities that are important for effectively keeping in touch with balancing receptiveness of the soul. Psychic that complements the physical world. 


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