We are very thankful that we are able to practice our vocations in Greeley, Colorado and we look forward to serving our community for many years to come.

Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts is an integrated holistic team treating clients in all aspects of their lives, providing multiple practitioners within one company to address as many of our clients' needs to improve their lives and health.

Health is a Journey That Becomes a Lifestyle. Call Today: 970.219.1367


  • Our practitioners strive to be models of health and healing and are committed to the process of self-exploration and development. We address all factors that influence a person's health, wellness, and disease, including mental, emotional, and spiritual care for each of our clients and their families.


  • Our treatments are always customized to the client, according to their unique presentation and predisposing factors. We aim to address the underlying cause of their condition as well as its outward symptoms.


  • Our commitment to strengthening our relationships between our practitioners, volunteers, community partners, clients and friends permits us to maintain a quality of presence and tradition of caring.




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